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New Skin Rejuv-olution!!

Happy New Year! Just wanted to touch base on New Years resolutions. Everybody has one, whether they succeed at sticking to it or not. Well, I am proposing a challenge to you. New Years Resolution, how about new skin rejuv-olution aka take this opportunity to commit to your skin rejuvenation, improving its health and appearance. Our skin is a major organ and it's the first thing people see. You take care of your body with healthy eating and fitness, your hair, your nails...why not your skin? Makeup needs a smooth canvas to look its best but wouldn't it be even better if you DIDN'T NEED IT! All the false lashes, botox, filler etc in the world isn't going to help if your skin itself is in bad condition.

Start with making small changes such as:

*Protecting your skin by wearing spf daily

*Giving up tanning beds

*Making a yearly checkup with your derm to keep an eye on moles or questionable beauty marks

*Investing in a good skin care regimen with quality products

*Set a goal to receive professional treatments that fit into your time and budget...

You get the idea. To give you some inspiration stay tuned for the rest of the month. I will be posting various things from tips and tricks to new and exciting products and maybe even some treatment demos. Happy Rejuvenating!

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