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Cuticle Oil...does it honestly make a difference?

Cuticle oil softens skin, repairs cuticles, improves nail growth and extends the life of a manicure. It tends to be a catch-all phrase because there is no regulation that dictates its ingredients. But the most common ones you will see are vitamin E, jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil...etc. While the source of the oil may vary the intent does not. Keeping up with applying it daily will result in a wonderful difference in your nail health!

Here are a few quick pointers:

*Hang nails and dry cuticles are typically caused by hands being in water frequently and dry cold outside air. But you can easily fix this by applying cuticle oil once or twice a day. Nail Technicians use it so often during nail services because it does such a great job at repairing the skin. And this skin needs to remain healthy and intact in order for bacteria to keep out!

*Hand cream is not enough all by itself. You should use both but apply the cuticle oil first by massaging it in. It is highly concentrated and absorbs quickly so it starts doing its magic immediately. You will be less likely to pick at the skin around your nails when it is softened and conditioned. It adds moisture, which keeps it healthy and young looking. It benefits your nails as well by helping them be more flexibile so they dont become dry and brittle and prone to breaking and also keeps the polish pliable to prevent chipping.

*Is it still beneficial if you have gel-polish, or acrylics? Yes! It is beneficial to everyone and every kind of service. Our cuticles protect our nails, when they are in good condition it helps grow stronger, healthier nails. It requires a little bit of consistent maintenance every day but its well worth it. What tends to work best for people is to keep a bottle of it on your nightstand and apply it at night right before bed.

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