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Tips for fuller brows and lush lashes!

Brow trends have changed vastly in the past century. But one thing is for sure, nowadays people are scrambling to try and find remedies for all of the "over-plucking", "over-tweezing" and "over-waxing" that was done these past years because thin was in. Well not anymore, as of spring 2014 through to present day the trend of thicker, fuller, bolder brows are in and is here to stay for as far as we can see. But this bolder brow does not mean unkempt. Follow the steps below to help your brows look the part while trying to grow them back in.

Tips for Fuller Brows

Step 1: Comb the brows up and out to stay with the natural growth pattern and trim any hairs that are too long. Using a spooley (disposable mascara wand) and tiny brow scissors helps with this precise step. Apply lighter brow powder to add texture for fine hair.

Step 2: (Only do this step if you want to go the extra mile, most people don't need to do this)Following the brow powder, apply two fine-point brow pencils in slightly different tones for added depth and etch the brows only where needed. Follow the natural curve, gliding off the bridge of the nose to create a soft angle. Apply this in a short feathered motion.

Step 3: Using a brow pencil (taupe works for most people in this step) Fill in under the brow to thicken and straighten the arch while filling in bald patches. Do not fill above the brow line, as it will be visible. Apply this in a short feathered motion.

Step 4: Set with brow powder in the desired color; a darker taupe is fashionable for blonde hair. Although darker brows are in vogue, black-brown colors will be more attractive than black for dark hair, due to value intensity when layering product. A small angled brush is best for this process.

Step 5: Apply ample brow gel or hairspray using a spooley (disposable mascara wand).

Side Notes

*If your brows are thick and full to begin with but you just need to fill in a bald spot, a brow powder alone with do.

*Always apply these products using a light feathery stroke for the most natural look. Bearing down too hard will deposit too much product and too thick of lines. Your goal is to make it look like hair.

*If you want to nourish your brows and help the new growth along you could always add a serum, we recommend Rapid Brow.

If you need help choosing your brow products, we tend to use the following:

Grace Marie Beauty Taupe Brow Pencil $15 ( Has a built in brow comb)

Grace Marie Beauty Taupe Matte Powder $15

Grace Marie Beauty Clear Brow Seal $18

And of course we can't forget about lush lashes!

Tip 1: Do regularly use lash growing serums**, as they are effective when used consistantly.

Tip 2: Use a lash primer to protect lashes.

Tip 3: Curl Lashes.

Tip 4: Apply a favorite mascara or curling mascara, slightly wiggling the wand back and forth starting at the base of the lash line and working your way up. This can be done multiple times in order to acheive your desired length and thickness.

Tip 5: If you want to lock your lashes in for a long day of events, apply waterproof mascara, as it is oil-based and will not react to humidity, in the same fashion as stated above. DO NOT wait in between coats, if the lashes have time to dry they will turn out clumpy.

Tip 6: Always remove mascara before bed, sleeping in it may cause your lashes to bend or crimp in an awkward fashion especially if you are a side or stomach sleeper. When it comes time to reapply in the morning sometimes your lashes will not cooperate. Removing the mascara keeps them soft and pliable and less likely to get stuck in their bent position.

**Tried and true, we recommend Rapid Lash

All of the above product recommendations can be found at Trouvé Aesthetics & Wellness. For more tips, help, product inquiries or other questions do not hesitate to ask.

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