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One Step Closer to Skin Perfection!

Skin confidence is achievable, now offering...The Skin Classic Treatment!

Redness from broken capillaries? Skin Tags? Sun Spots? That annoying thing on your face or body that you are just "living with"? The list goes on...We can help! Begin your skin rejuvenation with a free consultation to treat and remove unsightly skin irregularities.

The Skin Classic is a direct high frequency technology that is an affordable non-laser treatment for quick and effective removal of a wide variety of minor skin conditions.






Conditions treated below (left to right):

Keratosis - Commonly appears after age 40. Wart-like growths in a variety of colors. May appear in large numbers on the surface of the body. Usually painless, benign, but may become irritated and itchy. Elevated or flat.

Hyperpigmentation - Darkened patches or spots on the skin. Most common cause is unprotected sun exposure that increases the skins production of the dark brown pigment called melanin.

Cherry Angioma - Appear as tiny pin-point red papules or "blood spots", can vary in size. Cherry red to purple in color.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia - Irregularity of the sebaceous gland that produces sebum (oil). Occurs in adults middle aged and older. May be single of multiple and manifest as yellowish, soft, small papules that look like "donuts" particularly on the face.

Fibroma - Flat or raised. African-American skin is very susceptible think Morgan Freeman.

Skin Tag - Small portions of the skin that appear to be attached or protrude from normal skin. Tend to appear in locations where skin rubs together.

Telangiectasia ( Broken Capillaries)- Red linear marks that temporarily disappear if pressed. Can be found anywhere on the body.

Milia- Clogged eccrine sweat gland. Keratin-filled cyst that appears just under the epidermis. Maybe be confused with stubborn white heads.

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